Rich Boehne Interview

Mike talks to E.W. Scripps President and CEO Rich Boehne about how the news business has changed, why Scripps is investing in podcasts, the difficulty of being well-informed without getting overwhelmed, covering Donald Trump, and lots more.

PG67: The Polls Tighten, Trump’s Policies, and Some Good Economic News

This week, Mike and Jay start by looking at the tightening polls in the presidential race. While they both think Hillary Clinton will still win, it’s becoming easier and easier to construct realistic scenarios of not just a Trump presidency, but of a Trump presidency with Republicans in control of both the House and the Senate. After that, they talk about what to expect in the first presidential debate, examine Trump’s ┬áproposals for child care and economic growth, and discuss come surprisingly good economic news. In this week’s listener mail, the Guys discuss whether or not the media is going too easy on Trump and why there haven’t been any female or minority guests on the show to this point.

Trey Grayson Interview

Mike interviews Trey Grayson, best known nationally for running against Rand Paul in 2010 for the Republican US Senate nomination. Prior to that, he was a two-term Kentucky Secretary of State. Mr. Grayson served as Director of Harvard’s Institute of Politics from 2011 – 2014, and is currently the President and CEO of the Northern Kentucky Chamber of Commerce.

PG 66: Foreign Policy-Palooza! & Financial Regulation

This week, it’s a seriously foreign-policy centric Politics Guys, with Jay and Mike discussing the presidential candidate forum moderated by NBSC’s Matt Lauer, an agreement between Russia and the US on Syria, North Korea’s nuclear advances, and a bill to allow victims of 9/11 to sue Saudi Arabia. After that, Mike channels his inner Bernie Sanders over financial regulation.

James Taranto Interview

Jay interviews James Taranto, author of the Wall Street Journal’s popular Best of the Web┬ácolumn and member of the WSJ editorial board. Mr. Taranto joined the Journal in 1996 as an assistant editorial features editor after spending five years as an editor at City Journal, the Manhattan Institute’s quarterly of urban public policy. He has also worked for the Heritage Foundation, United Press International, Reason magazine and KNX News Radio in Los Angeles. He is co-editor of Presidential Leadership: Rating the Best and the Worst in the White House.

PG 65: Mexican Trips, FBI Files, Slavery Reparations, & Colin Kaepernick

This week, Mike and Jay start off by talking about Donald Trump’s surprise trip to Mexico, where he sounded almost moderate at times. That was followed up by a more characteristic Trump appearance in Arizona, where he was back to his usual ‘we’ll build a wall, and Mexico will pay for it’ form. Trump’s week was actually pretty good – or at least not bad – and the polls have started to tighten. The Guys remind everyone that this was to be expected, and that much of the media is, once again, overreacting. Mike has no interest in spending more time talking about Hillary Clinton’s email, but Jay presses the point (at least a little). Then it’s on to Georgetown University’s attempt to make amends for its slave-owning past and reactions to San Francisco 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick’s refusal to stand for the National Anthem.

Ask The Politics Guys: Mike for President???

Here’s this week’s Ask The Politics Guys question: “A while ago, Mike said he was running for president. What are his positions on the issues and can people actually vote for him? Jay, if Mike were a real candidate, would you vote for him?”

PG64: Trump flip-flop? Clinton Foundation, EpiPens, Golden Week, and Trigger Warnings

This week’s show starts with a look at what appeared to be Donald Trump’s softening stance toward illegal immigrants. Has Trump really changed his tune? If he has will it matter? Then it’s a discussion of the Clinton Foundation. Mike doesn’t think there’s much to see in the AP’s report on Foundation donor influence in the Clinton-run State Department, but Jay disagrees. What they both agree on is that EpiPens cost too much, and that the only way to fix that is to have a more competitive market for pharmaceuticals (good luck with that). This week’s Under The Radar story is a federal appeals court’s decision to allow Ohio to eliminate ‘Golden Week’ voting – a period in which people can register and vote at the same time. Surprisingly, Mike actually agrees with Jay and the court on this. Finally, the Guys talk about the University of Chicago’s statement on free speech and trigger warnings on campus.

Ask The Politics Guys: Who are the Libertarians?

This week’s question comes from Jennifer, in Green Bay Wisconsin, who writes, “Who the heck are the libertarians and what do they really stand for?”

PG63: Trump TV?, Clinton Deposition, Obamacare Woes, Fighting for 15

This week’s show starts with a look at the latest shakeup in the Trump campaign. Is Donald Trump still trying to win, or is he putting the pieces in place for a media network to challenge Fox? Next, it’s a look at Hillary Clinton’s continuing email problems, and the questions she’s being forced to answer – after the election. Then The Guys talk about Obamacare, which seems to be reeling after Aetna announced it would be dramatically pulling back its involvement in Obamacare exchanges. Is this the beginning of the Obamacare ‘death spiral’ conservatives have long predicted, or can President Obama’s signature policy achievement be salvaged? Finally, Mike and Jay take a look at what happened in Seattle more than a year after the city’s $15 per hour minimum wage ordinance went into effect.