The Ohio 12th, Missouri and the “Right to Work” Law, the Manafort Trial, Insider Trading and Representative Collins, Nunes’ Private Remarks

Trey and Mike open this week’s show focusing on the recent Ohio 12th District’s special election. Both Trey and Mike agree that the 12th District looks like trouble for Republicans. This year, statistically, Democrats should do better and both agree the evidence suggests they might do a bit better than that. Specifically Trey points to the shifting demographics for Republicans where suburban voters are leaving Republicans as rural voters increase.

Next is a discussion of Missouri’s recent strike down of a “right to work” law. Trey and Mike disagree over whether such laws — which do not allow employment to be dependent on union membership — help or hurt workers. They do agree that the law’s failure to pass is evidence that there is a structural shift taking place in American politics.

After that Trey and Mike return to the trial of Paul Manafort — again — and investigate how this might or might not effect President Trump. At this point it doesn’t seem there is much connection to Trump and Mike takes the depressing view that nothing seems to shake Trump supporters.

Then it is time to discuss Representative Collins and his alleged insider trading. In a broader take on the issue Mike offers that members of Congress ought to be paid more and not allowed to sit on publicly traded boards.

Mike and Trey finish the show by putting Nunes’ comments in context. Mike thinks it shows the widening gap between discourse communities and Trey contextualizes the issue by suggesting such comments are not too far from par in private fundraising situations.

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