Listeners Ask About: Guns, WW3, Healthcare, Plus Facebook Data

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To begin the show Trey asks about new information from the presidential election. Specifically, Facebook offered to work with both presidential campaigns but only the Trump campaign agreed to it. Then Trey and Jay respond to listener questions. The first question is about the likelihood of a new WW3 or Civil War. Both agree the likelihood is low, but discuss why it might seem more likely than it is. Then they ask a question about gun policy and why the U.S. seems so fatalistic when it comes to gun legislation. Finally, Jay responds to an extended series of questions from a listener asking for clarification on his Healthcare positions.

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4 thoughts on “Listeners Ask About: Guns, WW3, Healthcare, Plus Facebook Data”

  1. Trey, as a libertarian, how are you anti-suicide? I’m not 100% go for it but, if you are over a certain age and not in “psychological distress” I believe society should allow those that want it a way out with dignity.

    1. Eric, great question! On the show I was unclear. My point was not to say that we should ban suicide. I would argue, as you point out, that one would need to make certain that was the sane wish of a person. My point about the guns was to suggest that much of the data pointing to gun violence is really a statistic on suicide.

      As for your question specifically: as a libertarian I do not hold I have the right to keep anyone alive who does not wish to be alive. I do have a duty to ensure that — given the importance of the individual — that the wish of someone to die is not being forced upon them either through a psychological issue or by coercion. The individual has a right to make choices that others disagree with and that, in my opinion, includes the right to end your own life.

      Now I also want to be clear that if someone came to me I would not encourage them to kill themselves. I think it is immoral. As a libertarian though I recognize that I cannot impose a specific morality on others. They have the right to do to themselves what they will.

      Really good question and I hope this explains any ambiguity from the show!


  2. I enjoyed the “off the Mic” moment as you guys stumbled through an aborted Weinstein reference for your Da Vinci ad. Broadcasting is hard….just ask Al Michaels!

    1. Absolutely! When I think about the first few dozen shows Jay and I did … well, it’s been quite an education. – Mike

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