Debt Agreement, Facebook Whistleblower, Abortion Injunction

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Trey & Mike open the show with the recently passed debt resolution keeping the government open until December 3. The two pick up where Mike & Jay left off last week on the topic of the debt ceiling and its historic origin. Further the two discuss predictions for what December may hold.

Next, they discuss the interconnected issues of Whistleblower Frances Haugen and the recent revelations about Facebook by the Wall Street Journal. Mike has a fairly pessimistic view of any change while Trey sees the possibility for reform in changes to privacy forcing business changes.

Finally, it’s time to talk about the recent Federal District Court injunction on Texas’ abortion ban. Both hosts agree the mechanism is flawed. Trey is more supportive of a broader conception of life and personhood, but Trey & Mike agree that Congress could take a larger role. In this topic they also discuss the forgotten potential importance of the 9th and 10th Amendments and Trey argues the nature of Constitutional Amendments made future one’s more difficult.

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