Ask The Politics Guys: Should the U.S. Have Mandatory Voting?

This week’s Ask The Politics Guys question comes from Perry, in Canberra Australia.

Dear Politics Guys, How might compulsory voting affect American politics? Is voting a civic responsibility, like, for instance, jury duty?

PG50: Presidential Races, Voting Felons, Congress Does Stuff, Earth Day

This week, Mike and Jay start by looking at the state of the Republican and Democratic races following the big New York primary, as well as discussing the importance of building mailing lists and data-mining – two ‘boring but important’ things the Trump campaign hasn’t done much of to this point. Next they talk about the implications of Virginia Governor Terry McAuliffe granting over 200,000 felons the right to vote. Then it’s a look at what Congress has been doing lately – believe it or not, when nobody was looking, some actual bipartisanship seems to have broken out. Finally, the Guys talk about the signing of the UN Climate Treaty, followed by Jay’s thoughts about predictions on the state of the environment from previous Earth Days.

Ask the Politics Guys: Are Banks Still ‘Too Big To Fail’?

This week’s Ask The Politics Guys question comes from Kate in Chicago.

Dear Politics Guys, What’s up with U.S. banks? After financial system reform, are they still too big to fail? And if they are, does that mean that if banks start to go under that Congress will use taxpayer dollars to bail them out again?

PG49: Verizon Strike, Tax Day, Presidential Races, Hamilton!

This week, the Guys start things off by looking at the big strike by Verizon workers. Surprisingly, Mike, who is usually ready to man the picket line with strikers, is feeling sort of sympathetic to Verizon (as is Jay, which is a lot less surprising). After that, they talk about taxes and some recent proposals to make them a whole lot easier. Then they look at the state of the Republican and Democratic presidential races, before ending with a report on the reprieve of Alexander Hamilton on the $10 bill, thanks in no small part to the musical bearing his name.


Mike’s at a political science convention, and so the Guys are taking a one-week break from the podcast. They’ll be back with a new Politics Guys on Sunday, April 17, and a new Ask The Politics Guys on Wednesday, April 20. In the meantime, you can always get a mini-dose of PG by checking out the Facebook page. There are also some PG interviews you might want to give a listen to:

Ask The Politics Guys: Trump, Turnout, and the General Election

Our Ask The Politics Guys question for this week comes from Jeff, in New York:

With Trump’s record turnout state after state, could the case be made that if he’s the nominee of the Republican Party they may lose moderate or “liberal” Republicans (if they still exist) but gain a huge segment of the population that until this point have not been active voters?

PG48: Jobs!, Trump’s Bad Week, A Win For Unions

This week, Mike and Jay start out by talking about some good news – the March jobs report, which continues a trend of good economic news. After that, they look at Bernie’s chances following some big caucus wins, Donald Trump’s very bad week, and how a divided Supreme Court gave a big(ish) win to public sector unions.

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