PG57: Obama Endorses, Trump’s Anti-Campaign, SCOTUS on Recusal, Voting and Pot in Ohio

Note: After this episode, The Politics Guys will be taking their summer vacation. Mike and Jay will be back with new episodes starting on July 17 – the day before the Republican National Convention.

This week, the Guys start off by looking at the last big round of primaries, where Hillary Clinton won big, essentially dooming Bernie Sanders chances (failing a Clinton indictment). Then it’s on to Donald Trump’s unorthodox (to say the least) campaign – will it be the disaster all the experts are predicting, or will Trump prove the so-called experts wrong again? After that, Mike and Jay talk about a Supreme Court ruling on judicial recusal, followed by discussion of some big news coming out of Ohio on voting and marijuana.

Ask The Politics Guys: Are Liberals Smarter?

This week’s question comes from Alexx, from Hastings, Minnesota.

I remember reading a study that said generally people with higher IQs or more education are generally more liberal than conservative. Any idea as to why?

PG56: Trump ‘University’, ‘Mexican’ Judges, Libertarians, Sleazy Payday Loans

This week, the Guys start out by reviewing the Week in Trump, which features revelations about his sham ‘University’ accusations against a ‘Mexican’ judge born in Indiana, Trump’s war with the media, and Paul Ryan’s decidedly tepid endorsement. Mike and Jay also look at the Libertarian party nominees – two former Republican governors – and discuss what their impact might be. After reviewing the not-so-hot May jobs report, they end by discussing a new regulation that will make life harder for payday loan lenders.