PG43: Hillary’s Win, Stopping Trump, Ugly Debates, Super Tuesday Predictions, Closing Guantanamo

This week’s episode starts with a look at Hillary Clinton’s obliteration of Bernie Sanders in the South Carolina primary. The win itself was no surprise, but the margin of victory suggests that Clinton might effectively wrap up the Democratic nomination before too much longer. Next, the Guys reflect on a year of podcasting and beg for money (though they hope it doesn’t come off as, you know, desperate or anything). After that, they turn to the GOP race: Trump’s latest victory, the ongoing fiasco that is the GOP debates, Super Tuesday predictions, Chris Christie’s surprise endorsement of Trump (which really wasn’t all *that* surprising), and what might be motivating John Kasich to stay in the race. Finally, they talk about the plan President Obama sent Congress to close the detention facility at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba.

Ask The Politics Guys: How Bad are Sanders and Trump on Foreign Policy?

This week’s Ask The Politics Guys question comes comes from Wasan, currently a student in Palo Alto, California, but originally from Riyadh, Saudia Arabia.

Dear Politics Guys, When it comes to foreign policy, how doomed are we if Bernie Sanders wins? (We expand on Wasan’s question by asking the same question of Donald Trump’s foreign policy – and come to a somewhat similar answer.)

PG42: Trump Up, Bush Out, Clinton Wins NV, The Post-Scalia Court, Apple vs. the Feds

This week, The Politics Guys start by looking at Donald Trump’s (expected) big win in South Carolina, and Jeb Bush’s somewhat unexpected self-mercy-killing after a dismal showing. Next, they turn to the Democratic side, where Hillary Clinton beat out Bernie Sanders in Nevada’s caucus. The Guys look at the upcoming challenges for both sides – South Carolina for the Democrats and the 11-state ‘Super Tuesday’ mega-primary. After that, they discuss what’s likely to happen to the Supreme Court and talk about the possibility of term-limits for Justices as well as whether or not an eight-person Court is really such a bad thing. Finally, they get into Apple’s battle with the Department of Justice over the tech giant’s refusal to help the F.B.I unlock the iPhone of one of the San Bernardino mass-shooting terrorists.

Ask The Politics Guys: Race and Diversity

This week’s question It comes from Jonathan in Agawa-gun, Kochi, Japan. Dear Politics Guys, Why do minorities seem to support Clinton over Sanders? On the Republican side, two Latinos (Cruz and Rubio) are amongst the three front runners and an African-American (Ben Carson) and – until very recently – a woman (Carly Fiorina) are still in the GOP race, as was an ethnic Indian (Bobby Jindal). In 2012 the GOP nominated a Mormon, and in 2008 they nominated a woman for Vice President. Why doesn’t the GOP get more credit for having such diversity in its presidential candidates?

PG41: Scalia’s Death, NH Reactions, SC & NV Predictions … and Mike’s Presidential Bid!

This week’s show starts with Mike and Jay mourning the passing of Justice Antonin Scalia, an intellectual force who was loved by many, hated by some, and who leaves huge shoes to fill. The Guys talk about the influence of Justice Scalia and the prospects for a replacement being nominated and confirmed before President Obama leaves office. After that, Mike and Jay look back at their New Hampshire predictions, make predictions for South Carolina and Nevada, and talk about how they see the race developing. Surprisingly, Mike actually comes out, if not in favor of Trump, at least less freaked out about his possible nomination. Even more surprisingly, Mike announces that he’s running for president! (He’s filed paperwork with the Federal Election Commission and everything.)

Ask The Politics Guys: What’s a democratic socialist?

Here’s this week’s Ask The Politics Guys question: Dear Politics Guys, Bernie Sanders says he’s a democratic socialist. What does that mean? (Even if you’re not particularly interested in what a democratic socialist is, you might find this episode entertaining, if you want to hear Mike channel his inner Bernie Sanders.)

PG40: Iowa Review, NH Predictions, Drafting Women, Does Kasich want to ‘Tear Down The Wall’?

This week’s Politics Guys starts off with reviews of Iowa picks from the last show. Jay and Mike more or less nailed it for their respective parties but they both missed on the other side, making for a very solid aggregate prediction. They pat themselves on the back a little and then talk about how much Iowa really mattered. Next, it’s on to New Hampshire, where the guys review the week in campaigning and make their calls. In a non-campaign story (yes – they still exist) Mike joins the Commandant of the Marine Corps and the Army Chief of Staff in supporting registering women for the draft. Jay isn’t quite so sure about that. Finally, they discuss John Kasich’s love of Pink Floyd’s The Wall.

Ask The Politics Guys: How different are Democrats and Republicans, really?

This week’s Ask The Politics Guys question comes from Emilie, in Ruislip UK: Dear Politics Guys, In what respect do you think that the two main parties still share any similarities? And do you agree that the academic consensus that the Republicans moving to the right was the main impetus for the Democrats moving to the left, or was it something else that caused this polarisation?