PG43: Hillary’s Win, Stopping Trump, Ugly Debates, Super Tuesday Predictions, Closing Guantanamo

This week’s episode starts with a look at Hillary Clinton’s obliteration of Bernie Sanders in the South Carolina primary. The win itself was no surprise, but the margin of victory suggests that Clinton might effectively wrap up the Democratic nomination before too much longer. Next, the Guys reflect on a year of podcasting and beg for money (though they hope it doesn’t come off as, you know, desperate or anything). After that, they turn to the GOP race: Trump’s latest victory, the ongoing fiasco that is the GOP debates, Super Tuesday predictions, Chris Christie’s surprise endorsement of Trump (which really wasn’t all *that* surprising), and what might be motivating John Kasich to stay in the race. Finally, they talk about the plan President Obama sent Congress to close the detention facility at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba.

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