PG64: Trump flip-flop? Clinton Foundation, EpiPens, Golden Week, and Trigger Warnings

This week’s show starts with a look at what appeared to be Donald Trump’s softening stance toward illegal immigrants. Has Trump really changed his tune? If he has will it matter? Then it’s a discussion of the Clinton Foundation. Mike doesn’t think there’s much to see in the AP’s report on Foundation donor influence in the Clinton-run State Department, but Jay disagrees. What they both agree on is that EpiPens cost too much, and that the only way to fix that is to have a more competitive market for pharmaceuticals (good luck with that). This week’s Under The Radar story is a federal appeals court’s decision to allow Ohio to eliminate ‘Golden Week’ voting – a period in which people can register and vote at the same time. Surprisingly, Mike actually agrees with Jay and the court on this. Finally, the Guys talk about the University of Chicago’s statement on free speech and trigger warnings on campus.

PG63: Trump TV?, Clinton Deposition, Obamacare Woes, Fighting for 15

This week’s show starts with a look at the latest shakeup in the Trump campaign. Is Donald Trump still trying to win, or is he putting the pieces in place for a media network to challenge Fox? Next, it’s a look at Hillary Clinton’s continuing email problems, and the questions she’s being forced to answer – after the election. Then The Guys talk about Obamacare, which seems to be reeling after Aetna announced it would be dramatically pulling back its involvement in Obamacare exchanges. Is this the beginning of the Obamacare ‘death spiral’ conservatives have long predicted, or can President Obama’s signature policy achievement be salvaged? Finally, Mike and Jay take a look at what happened in Seattle more than a year after the city’s $15 per hour minimum wage ordinance went into effect.

PG62: Trump’s Troubles, Econ Plans, Baltimore Police, More Hacks, Pot Policy

It was another rough week for Donald Trump, and Jay & Mike start by looking at the GOP nominee’s troubles and the lasting damage he may be doing to his party and the country. Then, it’s on to new Hillary Clinton email revelations, a comparison of Trump and Clinton’s economic plans, discussion of the DOJ’s blistering report on the Baltimore Police, more Russian hacking, and some under-the-radar changes in marijuana policy by the DEA.

David Frum Interview

Mike interviews political journalist, policy expert, and former George W. Bush speechwriter David Frum.

Mr. Frum has had a long and distinguished career in political journalism and policy analysis. Organizations he’s worked with include The Wall Street Journal, The Manhattan Institute for Policy Research, The Weekly Standard, and National Public Radio. He served as a speechwriter for President George W. Bush from 2001 – 2002, and is currently a senior editor at The Atlantic and chairman of the UK think-tank Policy Exchange. He’s also the author of eight books, most recently the political novel Patriots.

PG61: Peak Trump?, Jobs, Planes Full of Money, Commutations, Starship Captains

This week’s show starts with Mike replying to listeners who feel he’s been too soft on Donald Trump. After that, it’s a look at Trump’s truly bad week, some high-profile endorsements for Hillary Clinton, what Jay says is a massive U.S. ransom payment to Iran, President Obama’s commutation-mania, and Mike’s cranky middle-aged guy thoughts on the appropriate age for Starship captains and the decadence of modern movie theater seating.