Ask The Politics Guys: Who are the Libertarians?

This week’s question comes from Jennifer, in Green Bay Wisconsin, who writes, “Who the heck are the libertarians and what do they really stand for?”

2 thoughts on “Ask The Politics Guys: Who are the Libertarians?”

  1. How come there was barely any description of libertarians policy positions? All we got was that they oppose regulation and they are isolationist, which isn’t necessarily true. Some may be but most would probably say non interventionist. Nothing specific on foreign policy and trade, taxes, drugs, role of military and intelligence. Since there is a somewhat serious candidate running on the lp ticket it would of been nice to get some specifics on their views of the issues.

    1. You know, that’s a good point. We’d intended to talk about specific issues, but we somehow ended up focusing more on broad political philosophy. For anyone who’s interested in the specific policy positions of Gary Johnson and Bill Weld – the Libertarian presidential ticket this year – here’s a helpful link:

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