PG42: Trump Up, Bush Out, Clinton Wins NV, The Post-Scalia Court, Apple vs. the Feds

This week, The Politics Guys start by looking at Donald Trump’s (expected) big win in South Carolina, and Jeb Bush’s somewhat unexpected self-mercy-killing after a dismal showing. Next, they turn to the Democratic side, where Hillary Clinton beat out Bernie Sanders in Nevada’s caucus. The Guys look at the upcoming challenges for both sides – South Carolina for the Democrats and the 11-state ‘Super Tuesday’ mega-primary. After that, they discuss what’s likely to happen to the Supreme Court and talk about the possibility of term-limits for Justices as well as whether or not an eight-person Court is really such a bad thing. Finally, they get into Apple’s battle with the Department of Justice over the tech giant’s refusal to help the F.B.I unlock the iPhone of one of the San Bernardino mass-shooting terrorists.

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