PG 121: Trump and the Democrats on Dreamers and Healthcare, Harvey Weinstein’s Worst Kept Secret, The Boy Scouts Make A Change & A Presidential Library Without Books

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Trey and Jay start this week’s show by discussing Trump’s unilateral action to change the Affordable Health Care Act’s cost-sharing provisions. They talk about the actual changes and the policy implications of the action. This leads to a discussion of the demands Trump sent Congress if they want a deal on Dreamers.

After that it’s a look at Harvey Weinstein’s sexual abuse allegations and the implications for politics. They get into a broader discussion on the implications for politicians on the source of donations. Such a question is particular relevant for Democrats right now, but was the same issue facing Republicans with Trump.

Next up is the Boy Scouts seemingly surprising decision to open their doors completely to girls. Jay is enthusiastically supportive. Trey sees the business value but ponders the general trend in society to not have more narrow groups.

Finally Trey and Jay discuss how former President Obama’s library will not actually house any documents. Instead, it will be a completely digital repository. They also discuss archiving documents that were originally digital and the challenges for future presidential libraries. ‘

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