School Shooting, Contempt for Religion, Universal Healthcare, GOP Debts

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Mike and Jay lead off the show with Mike arguing that in the aftermath of tragic events, like the recent school shooting in Florida, we’re far too quick to rush to judgment and far too eager to believe that incompetence or malfeasance is the cause. He argues that we should look to institutional structures, incentives, and resources which are, in his view, more commonly at fault.

After that, Mike and Jay answer listener questions about whether liberals like Susan Jacoby (who Mike recently interviewed on the show) are contemptuous of religion, their positions on universal healthcare, if Mike should be more aggressive, if Jay’s carrying water for the Trump administration, and whether the nation debt is more the fault of Republicans than Democrats.

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One thought on “School Shooting, Contempt for Religion, Universal Healthcare, GOP Debts”

  1. The point about the contempt that the right feels from the left on the basis of religion was quite the discussion on the show. It seems like it could just be as easily as “Hey, the left doesn’t realize they are openly condescending on the issue of religion. Evidence: She laughed.” The left, to it’s credit, wants to justify their contempt by saying, this is the way it is and we have the right to feel that way. True, but that’s the point. The right is just pointing it out.

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