PG138: Gun Laws, North Korea Sanctions, PA Gerrymandering, Mueller Charges

The show opens with Mike and Jay discussing the aftermath of the tragic shooting at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland Florida. Mike takes issue with the inflammatory rhetoric of NRA head Wayne LaPierre, and while Jay agrees, he points out that there are those on the left who are equally inflammatory. In terms of policy proposals, Mike points out how rare schools shootings are, the difficulty in making them even more rare, and the almost certain unintended consequences of any such effort. Jay agrees, though seems less skeptical of proposals to arm teachers than Mike clearly is.

Next, the Guys discuss the latest round of U.S. sanctions against North Korea. They both agree that North Korea has taken advantage of previous administrations – of both parties – with Jay arguing that this sort of tough approach is called for, given that history. Mike appreciates the logic, but is concerned about possible consequences if the U.S. backs North Korea into a corner with no way out.

Then it’s more on gerrymandering, in the wake of Pennsylvania’s Democratic-majority supreme court drawing a Congressional map for the state after the Republican-controlled legislature and Democratic governor couldn’t agree on their own map. While Mike and Jay believe that courts shouldn’t draw Congressional maps, Mike believes it’s an unfortunate last option when a court finds legislative maps to be in violation of a constitution (whether it’s a state or the federal constitution).

Finally, Mike and Kay discuss the new indictments against former Trump campaign operatives Paul Manafort and Rick Gates. Jay doesn’t see the link between these charges and collusion with the Russians in the 2018 elections, and while Mike agrees, he points out that these investigations typically take years, and that Mueller is likely building a case.

What Jay’s Watching:
The Times of Harvey Milk

What Mike’s Reading:
Who Needs Congressional Districts?

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