Ask The Politics Guys: How Important are Supreme Court Nominations?

This week’s Ask The Politics Guys question comes from From Kevin, in Idaho Falls, Idaho.

“I’ve heard many people say they support Trump over Clinton because of the Supreme Court nomination. How important should the open seat be? Is its importance being overvalued? What are the chances the next president will be able to nominate multiple judges? Shouldn’t judges be unbiased in their interpretation of the law instead of conservative or liberal leaning?”

4 thoughts on “Ask The Politics Guys: How Important are Supreme Court Nominations?”

  1. Hey politics guys,

    Thanks for taking the time to answer my questions. I feel like you guys did great job answering the questions, especially the last one. I like the idea of accepting our bias, or the way we see the world, and trying to understand why others see it the way they do and how it impacts their decisions. It was especially interesting listening to the discussion knowing that Trump won the presidential election, and Republicans in general winning, and will now be nominating someone who will most likely see the world as he does. I typically lean more conservative, but have reservations about a President Trump and didn’t vote for him because of those reservations, so it will be interesting for me to see if someone who is supposed to be the president from “my party” will nominate someone I agree with. Either way, thanks again.


  2. Michael, you said before the election that the senate will probably change the rules to allow a simple majority vote of 51 to confirm a Supreme Court nominee rather than 60 and seemed to agree with that. Would you still support that change?

    1. I do. While I doubt that Donald Trump will nominate someone I could support, I think the principle I argued for remains the same.

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