COVID Aid, Immigration Shutdown, States Reopening, SCOTUS on EPA Regulation

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On this week’s show, Mike and Kristin take on more COVID-19 related stories and policy issues, including the most recent aid package, President Trump’s immigration proclamation, and state “exit strategies” for lockdown and plans to reopen economies. Mike and Kristin also discuss the complex, recently-decided Supreme Court case of County of Maui v. Hawaii Wildlife Fund. They also share their recommendations for some non-COVID related entertainment.

Mike’s Weekly Recommendation
Open Psychometrics ‘Which Character Are You?’ Quiz
The Reluctant Detective (Mike’s P.I. book in progress)

Kristin’s Weekly Recommendation
Imagineering in a Box (Disney & Khan Academy)

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One thought on “COVID Aid, Immigration Shutdown, States Reopening, SCOTUS on EPA Regulation”

  1. Kristin wondered why Jim Clyburn will be leading Pelosi’s oversight committee. I believe the democrats want to make racism the campaign theme. It started with MI Gov. Whitmer breaking COVID-19 statistics down by race 10 days ago. She is fighting with Trump publicly while visiting the morning shows hoping for Biden’s 2nd spot. The State’s Medical Director briefly touched on the underlying co-morbidities in the black community but the Lt. Gov., a black man, is going to lead a new committee to investigate the higher black stats and identify solutions.
    Thumps economy and criminal justice reforms have caused black voters to consider a republican vote in November and Nancy can’t have that happen. The Lt. Governor will get a promotion if Whitmer goes to Washington, so he is motivated. Clyburn can use national statistics to try and blame Trump, helping Biden with Whitmer showing how she’s willing to get in the ring with Trump.
    She’s a great running mate for Joe, since she has never worked outside of government either!

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