State of the Union, Green New Deal, State of Virginia, Abortion Stay, and Trump Investigation Updates

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This week, Will is joined by self-described anacrcho-communist Zach to discuss the latest in American political happenings.

Will and Zach begin by examining the State of the Union Address. While both believe the entire occurrence is little more than a facade, Will believes this was a better moment for Trump than Zach. Both, however, agree that Democrats missed an opportunity by using Stace Abrams to respond.

Next is a discussion of Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s Green New Deal. Zach believes the steps within the proposal are necessary to move the country forward and acknowledges there will be sacrifices made to ensure the future of the environment. Will, on the other hand, finds mentioning of eliminating air travel and cows to be counterproductive and nothing more than a dream. While both have issues with Nancy Pelosi, Will does note how uncomfortable he is regarding his apparent alignment with Pelosi regarding the chances of this legislation ever coming to fruition. Both Will and Zach believe many politicians may be paying lipservice in support of the bill while not fully backing its provisions.

Zach and Will then turn to discuss the current happenings in Virginia. Between blackface and sexual harrassment, there are questions abound with the executive team and its future. Both are confused by Northam’s change of story, along with why the Secretary of State has volunteered his past actions. Yet, both are also concerned about the alelgations against the Lieutenant Governor and whether a resignation would be over-reacting to the allegations at this point.

Then they move to the Supreme Court decision to stay Louisiana’s enactment of new law with Chief Justice Roberts casting the deciding vote. While Zach does not feel abotion is a political issue, Will is more concerned about what is decided on this case come October. If women’s health is going to be used as an argument, there are merits to requiring credentials with local facilities. Zach suggests mandating all hospitals offer abortions, which Will believed would lead to a seismic shift in the medical landscape.

The show closes with a brief discussion of the latest updates into House investigations of President Trump. Zach believes this is an issue of paramount importances while Will just wonders why we keep focusing on this area instead of more closely looking at what Trump has done since taking office.

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4 thoughts on “State of the Union, Green New Deal, State of Virginia, Abortion Stay, and Trump Investigation Updates”

  1. Hey there! I hate to have my first reply that I leave with y’all be a negative one so let me first say that I love and respect this podcast as much as any that I have listened to and God knows I listen to a LOT of podcasts (I just took your survey and mine was the one that listed tons). With that said, I think Zach brought the intellectual level of this podcast down appreciably. I myself am a liberal that leans fairly far left but Zach was genuinely hard to listen to with many of his talking points: excessively musing about the depth of crap that Trump is wrapped up in, bagging on nuclear energy while touting the pipedream piece of legislation that we call the green new deal, and throwing an embarassing leftist spin on everything the likes of which is the exact reason the conservatives see liberals as foolish idealists. With respect to his opinions, I do not believe he contibutes anything substantive to this podcasts. Any complaints people have made about wanting more of a leftist view likely stem from the fact that your listeners generally tend more to the left and that you guys do a GREAT job of balancing toward the political center. Thanks for all your constructive hard work!
    -Hayden from Madison, Wisconsin

    1. Thanks for the feedback! We absolutely value it, and I can promise that we will weigh all listener opinions – positive and negative – in making any decisions about who we have on the show on a regular basis. (Also, I’m a pretty big fan of more nuclear power, so it seems that you and I might agree on that ?) -Mike

  2. I just started listening to your show and have really been enjoying it. However, I have to agree with Hayden’s comment. If this would have been the first episode I listened to it would have also been my last. I found it ironic that you went from a episode featuring a question on how to avoid bombastic personalities and then you invited one on your show the very next episode with Zach.
    It’s not even what he believes, it’s how he expresses those beliefs. He called Pelosi “scum”, continually bashed Trump (even as a liberal leaning independent I found it extreme), and I’m pretty sure he called all of Virginia racist?
    I’ve come to enjoy your show because of your insightful analysis and level headed, moderate takes, this episode was a complete 180 from that. I sincerely hope he doesn’t become a regular.

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