Venezuela, 2020 Candidates, and Anarcho-Communism

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This week, Will is again joined by self-described anacrcho-communist Zach to discuss the latest in American political happenings.

Will and Zach begin by examining the current situation in Venezuela. Zach is clear to discuss how the United States has negatively impacted Central and South America historically through coups and interference. He worries that we are doing the same again, in a nation with relatively high standards of living and development. Will, on the other hand, believe the National Assembly democratically created a power vacuum, and the United States is helping to ensire the people’s voices are heard.

Next, Will and Zach discuss the 2020 nominees. While Zach supports Bernie Sanders, he does wish that someone younger was carrying the mantle for progressive causes. He also finds himself aligned with Elizabeth Warren but does not believe her chances of victory are strong. Will says he likes Cory Booker out of the group, but that it’s likely none of the current candidates can survive the long process. Will and Zach both agree Iowa, New Hampshire, and South Carolina are not where these decisions should be starting, however.

The show closes with Will posing listener questions to Zach about his self-proclaimed ideology.

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3 thoughts on “Venezuela, 2020 Candidates, and Anarcho-Communism”

  1. The greatest appeal about the politics guys, to me, has always been hearing “Let me push back on that” from both J and Mike. Respectful exchange of ideas and probing each other to clarify their position makes for intelligent productive debate. I was practically screaming at Will to “push back” at Zach’s statements throughout the entire show. I felt Zach continually made sweeping statements without any specifics to support his claims and dodged questioning. His attitude was that of a teenager who refuses to do his homework but has no legitimate reason not to except that he thinks “it’s stupid”. However, where he really lost my attention when he admitted that knew little about the situation in Virginia and laughed it off as not important. How can the politics guys support someone who is not prepared to speak on the topics of the episode and who feels that acts of racism and sexual misconduct among elected officials is a laughing manner? I admire the effort to bring in more differing viewpoints but Zach was an extreme disappointment and failed to provide the quality thought and discussion I have come to love from this podcast.

    1. Thanks for the feedback. My sense of things is that because it was Zach’s first appearance on the show, Will wanted to give him a certain amount of space and latitude. I agree with that, but you make a solid point about pushback. Should Zach be on any future episodes, I can guarantee that you’ll hear some forceful counters to his positions. -Mike

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