Feinstein, GOP Debate, House Shutdown, NY Fraud Case, Alabama

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After a brief discussion of the death of Diane Feinstein, including her legacy both positive and negative, Trey and Ken discuss the GOP debate. Trey just doesn’t see room at the GOP table for anyone other than Trump. Ken thinks that the nominees should have gone after Trump sooner, but now have no way to pivot. They then discuss the possibility of a Trump victory next year in the general election.

Next, they turn to the ongoing shutdown. As the show went live McCarthy lost his vote for a continuing resolution. Trey argues that a smaller faction of the House Freedom Caucus simply want McCarthy out as speaker for symbolic reasons. Ken argues that the Freedom Caucus wants to effectively burn the house down.

They then turn to the ongoing civil trial in New York over the valuation of Trump’s properties. Ken explains the nature of this kind of trial and what it means moving forward. They pair close the show discussing the U.S. Supreme Court’s unwillingness to allow Alabama to use its current electoral map.

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