Alabama & the Voting Rights Act, National Archives vs Trump, Ending Congressional Stock Trading, the Open App Markets Act, Trucker Protests, Republican Party Identification Shifts

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In this episode Emily Smith of Oklahoma Christian University joins Ken & Trey. The trio begin by looking at the Supreme Court’s recent decision to allow Alabama redistricting maps to remain, despite a potential conflict with the Voting Rights Act.

Following this the trio talk Trump and his 15 boxes of documents retrieved by the National Archives and Records Administration. Trey focuses on the growing power of the modern presidency and the seeming inability of other branches of government to check it. Ken thinks that there are checks, they just have not been effectively used.

Next the trio look at the recent bipartisan push to end individual stock trading for members of Congress or their immediate family. Ken argues it ought to be expanded to the court where there is more evidence of harm. Trey looks at the evidence of success in the stock market for those in Congress.

Then the trio turn to the Open Apps Market Act. Ken is fully in support of the motion, but is surprised by the Republican support. Emily wonders what it may do to increase disability software for mobile platforms. Trey is supportive of opening devices to more app stores, but not of forcing how those app stores to adhere to particular rules.

Following that topic they turn their attention to the northern border and the Canadian trucker protests. All three discuss what these larger protests mean and if there isn’t an end to COVID restrictions in sight for no other reason than an ability to convince more people to get vaccinated.

Last comes a conversation on the growing number of individuals in the U.S. who identify as Republican. Trey points out that the conventional wisdom from the left was wrong, demographics do not necessarily favor Democrats. Ken focuses on border communities and what might explain their shift. Emily suggests that the religious conviction of certain demographic groups may incline them towards Republicans.

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