An Impeachment Trial Without Witnesses, Iowa Caucuses, The ‘Stop Bernie’ Movement

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This week, Mike and Kristin cover the latest news regarding the impeachment trial. In an effort to cover different items and fuel different discussions than those all over mainstream news , they both lay out their personal highlights of the week. Mike brings up Alan Dershowitz’s odd defense of the President and the backlash he faced, while Kristin discusses some of the procedural shortcomings of Democratic lawmakers. They agree that the President will likely be acquitted on Wednesday, on the true nature of “impeachment” as laid out by the Founding Fathers, and that it’s apparent that both sides seem to have surrendered to partisan pandering.

Mike and Kristin also discuss the Iowa Caucuses, which are just days away. Mike weighs in on the “Stop Bernie” movement, saying that he doesn’t think it has risen to the level of a “movement” yet. He also predicts that Sanders and Biden will emerge the frontrunners in Iowa, but that there is growing doubt, once again, that Sanders would be a formidable opponent to Trump in November – an argument he deems valid. Kristin agrees, and makes the point that the Iowa Caucuses are more about momentum than anything else, which Sanders has. They also discuss the low likelihood that “purple” states and swing states would move to support a Sanders nomination and how this could impact other elections later this year.

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