Ask The Politics Guys: Question-Palooza!

This week’s Ask The Politics Guys question is actually 10 questions, all submitted by loyal listener Emilie, who gathered up questions from her Year 13 A-Level Government and Politics Class at Bishop Ramsey School in Ruislip, UK.

1. Republicans and Democrats were once described by David Broder to be ‘two bottles, both empty’ – is this still the case in respect of the parties? (from Hemesh)

2. Do pressure groups dominate decision making in the US? (from Talin)

3. Do you think Obama should nominate a new justice? (from Ellie)

4. Clinton said that if elected, she would be interested in nominating Obama, what do you think of this idea? (from Taline)

5. Does money dominate the political process – and does the case of Jeb Bush prove to oppose this argument? (from Miss Robinson and Emilie)

6. Does the whole controversy over gun issues prove the Constitution is not suitable for modern America? (From Ellie)

7. Should the Electoral College be reformed? (from Hemesh)

8. Do you think Affirmative Action should continue? (from Carina)

9. Do you think that news coverage without opinion polls that focuses instead on policy would be preferential – or do you think opinion polls are actually valuable when deciding who to vote for? (from Emilie)

10. What is your opinion on Britain leaving the EU? (from Connor)

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