Avocado Politics

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Mike and Jay aren’t doing their regular Saturday show today, but instead of giving you nothing this weekend Mike thought he’d try an experiment.

As you might know, Mike started a blog not too long ago. One reader suggested that he do it as a sort of mini-podcast as well. That sounded like a reasonable idea, and so he gave it a try. This is the result – for better or worse. (If you’d like to read the article itself, it’s here.

We hope you enjoy this experimental Politics Guys episode, and that you let us know what you think – good, bad, or indifferent. Is this something you’d like to see on a regular basis (in addition to, not in place of, our regular Saturday and Wednesday shows)? Any suggestions, ideas, critiques? Whatever you think, we’d love to hear from you. You can contact Mike directly at mike@politicsguys.com or message us on the Politics Guys Facebook page

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2 thoughts on “Avocado Politics”

  1. During the Roger Stone et al podcast there was discussion about the shutdown. During the debate there was discussion about Trump holding the government hostage. I think a bigger point was missed. While the president has the right to veto a bill, Congress has the right to overrule the veto. It was sad to see our Congress not exercise that right during the shutdown. I understand that the McConnell was obstructive, but Senators didn’t have to follow his lead.

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