Biden Indictment, Ukraine and Immigration, Fake Electors, Upending the Tax Code

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Mike and Jay open the episode with a discussion of the indictment of Hunter Biden on multiple tax-related charges, as well as the broader House Republican investigation into the Biden family. They agree that Hunter Biden almost certainly cheated the federal government but that there’s nothing yet that links his activities to any illegal actions on the part of Joe Biden. (Though Jay is less certain of this than Mike is.)

From there, they turn to Senate Republicans blocking passage of aid to Ukraine and Israel over demands for more border security. Mike points out that President Biden is ahead of much of his party on this issue, while Jay sees a deal being made sometime before the end of the year.

Next is a look at the indictment of six fake electors in Nevada, which comes after similar actions in other states. Mike sees this as an appropriate action that will give those with crazy ideas pause, while Jay wonders if it may represent the criminalization of politics.

They close on the Supreme Court case of Moore v United States, which has the potential to upend the tax code and cost the federal government trillions of dollars. Neither Mike nor Jay buys the government’s constitutional argument, but Mike thinks that this is a case where pragmatism will likely outweigh constitutional purity. Jay is concerned that the Court could rule in a way that would give Congress too much taxing authority.

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