China Tariffs, Presidential Debates, Redistricting, Israel Aid

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Mike and Trey open with a discussion of the Biden administration’s recently announced tariffs on China. Trey is no fan of protectionism, but he understands Mike’s points concerning US issues with China’s trade practices. They both agree that Donald Trump’s approach to China would almost certainly be more tariff-heavy than Biden’s.

Then they turn to presidential debates, which will happen without the Commission on Presidential Debates. Trey points out how early the first of the two scheduled debates will be, which Mike attributes to Biden wanting to give debating Trump a try far enough ahead of the election that it won’t do much damage if things go off the rails.

From there they move to the Supreme Court allowing Louisiana’s congressional redistricting map to go into effect. Trey points out the difficult position Louisiana’s legislature is in, caught between the Equal Protection Clause and the Voting Rights Act. Mike is most sympathetic to the view of Justice Jackson, who felt that the Court shouldn’t have gotten involved at this point.

They close with a discussion of US aid to Israel. Mike doesn’t think it unreasonable for the US to put conditions on its support of Israel, or to withhold support entirely if aid is being used in a way we believe to be morally unacceptable. Trey points out that were neighboring countries more willing to take in Palestinians, the situation might be far less dire than it currently is.

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