Coronavirus Stimulus, Defense Production Act, Restarting the Economy

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Mike, Jay, and Trey open the show with a discussion of the federal government’s economic response to the coronavirus pandemic – both the $2 trillion legislation passed by Congress and signed into law by President Trump as well as the Federal Reserve’s multi-trillion dollar promise to do whatever it takes to keep the economy functioning.

After that, they discuss President Trump’s recent invocation of the Defense Production Act, focusing on how it may help areas most affected by coronavirus. Then they debate whether it’s too soon to restart the economy, if President Trump is being irresponsible and ignoring his public health experts, and the often agonizing tradeoffs that have to be made in crises.

Mike suggests you check out (and comment on)  The Reluctant Detective, his book in progress. He also recommends the shows Derry Girls and Brockmire.

Jay recommends Neil Gaiman’s novel American Gods as well as this documentary on jazz great Miles Davis.

Trey’s recommendation is the book Davinci in Love.

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