Israel Weapons Pause, Speaker Johnson, Trump Doc Case, Cuellar Indictment

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Jay and Justin start off discussing President Biden’s proposed pause in sending certain offensive weapons to Israel if they attack Rafah, including the impact on the conflict, potential reverberations in the international community, and the domestic political implications of conflict over Israel within the Democratic party.

Next, they turn their attention to Marjorie Taylor Green’s failed attempt to oust Speaker Mike Johnson. Why did the Democrats stick by him, what does this say about the state of the Republican party, and what institutional factors got us here in the first place?

Following that, they discussed the delay in former President Trump’s documents case, after Judge Cannon postponed the start of the trial indefinitely pending hearings on a number of motions. Was this the right call? What does it mean for the upcoming election?

They close with a discussion of Representative Henry Cuellar’s indictment on bribery and money laundering charges from his dealings with Azerbaijan and Mexico. Is there an Azerbaijan caucus in Congress? What does the case against Cuellar look like? What does this hold for control of the House in November?

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