Joe Zammit-Lucia on The New Political Capitalism

Kimberly Weir. Professor of International Relations at Northern Kentucky University,  talks with international management consultant Dr. Joe Zammit-Lucia  about his latest book, The New Political Capitalism: How Businesses and Societies Can Thrive in a Deeply Politicized World.
Topics Kimberly & Joe discuss include:
  • Why business and politics are inseparable
  • How the interaction between business and government is like football
  • Policy regulation and deregulation as public goods
  • Why living in Florida would be impossible without government subsidies
  • Why so many corporations give China a pass on its authoritarian policies
  • Why Harley Davidson workers voted to axe their own jobs
  • Tony Chocoloney and the problem of moving away from slave labor chocolate
  • The instability of the current tri-polar trade bloc system
  • The reality that ‘no brand can remain apolitical for too long’
  • Markets as essentially political constructs
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