Manchin Out, No Labels, OH KY VA Elections, GOP Debate

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Mike and Jay open the episode with a discussion of West Virginia Democratic Senator Joe Manchin’s decision to not run for reelection in 2024. Mike thinks it makes sense given his likely defeat, and Jay makes a case for a Biden-Manchin 2024 ticket. They also consider what Manchin would bring to the No Labels presidential ticket, and how a No Labels candidate might affect the race.

Next they turn to the elections in Ohio, Kentucky, and Virginia. Abortion rights were a big winner in Ohio and played a role in all three states’ elections. Mike thinks it’s a great issue for Democrats to run on, and Jay argues that Republicans were stuck by past votes for pre-Roe laws they didn’t expect to go into effect.

They close with a loot at the latest Republican presidential debate. Mike wonders if there’s a point to the debates given Trump’s commanding lead. Jay thinks there is, and explains why.

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