Meadows Contempt, Jan 6 Revelations, Texas Lawsuit, Newsom, Russian Threats, Omicron

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This week Trey is joined by Ken and they start the show discussing Mark Meadows and the House’s criminal contempt vote. The conversation focuses on the legal nature of executive privilege, the nature of 5th Amendment protections against self-incrimination, and the likelihood of the proceedings simply making it to the next election. After that the pair move on to discuss the wider information drop from Meadows, including the PowerPoints and text messages.

The hosts then move to talk about the most recent developments in Texas SB 8. Trey focuses in on the implications of the private enforcement mechanism, which turns the hosts to a discussion of California governor Newsom’s threat to use a similar mechanism against gun makers.

After that the conversation turns overseas to Russia. Trey and Ken agree that it is unlikely the Biden administration would risk war over the buildup of troops near Ukraine. They discuss what policy might happen moving forward and a discussion of the flipping of party alignment in the U.S. in relation to Russia. Trey also discusses a brief history of “Putin Power.”

Finally thee hosts engage in the recent request by the Biden Administration to uphold the healthcare vaccine mandate and, additionally, a discussion of what policy ought to be moving forward.

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