Palestinian Hospital, Xi Jinping and Biden, Laddered Continued Resolution, Santos’ Ethics Report, Supreme Court Ethics

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Trey and Ken start the episode with a discussion of the escalation of hostilities in the Gaza Strip. Trey argues that Israel’s drive south is the result of the asymmetric nature of the conflict. Ken agrees, but believes that Israel must account for the human suffering and collateral damage a push out of Gaza City entails.

Next they turn to the meeting between Xi Jinping and Biden in San Fransisco. Trey lauds the positive rhetorical improvement from a few months ago and attributes this to the need for economic ties, which is the foundation of international liberalism.

After that is an overview of the newly passed laddered continuing resolution. Ken believes that deficit spending and the recent downgrade in US credit sits at the feet of the Republican Party. Trey argues it is the lack of a majority between Democrats who want to increase spending and Republicans who are deeply divided over what kinds of spending cuts are needed.

Then it is a brief overview of Representative Santos’ Ethics Committee Report outlining his fraud. Trey and Ken predict the likelihood of him being removed from the House of Representatives. They close with a brief discussion on the Supreme Court’s recently released ethics code.

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