PG 114: Arpaio Pardon, Transgender Ban, Afghanistan Policy, Voter ID Laws

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This week’s show starts with Mike and Jay talking about two late-breaking stories: President Trump’s pardon of former Maricopa County AZ sheriff Joe Arpaio and the president’s memo formalizing the ban on transgender troops which he previewed in late July on Twitter. Neither Mike nor Jay think that the pardon is a good idea, as it sends a message that law enforcement officials can ignore the rule of law, so long as it’s a law President Trump disagrees with. The Guys differ on the transgender ban, but they both agree that President Trump should have allowed Secretary of Defense Mattis’ review of the effect of transgender troops on military readiness to conclude before any action was taken.

Next is a look at the president’s new Afghanistan policy. Mike actually likes a lot of what he heard from the president (as does Jay) though he’s skeptical on what he views as President Trump’s over-reliance on the military and downplaying of diplomacy and nation-building.

Finally, in the wake of another defeat for Texas’ voter ID law in the federal courts, Mike and Jay talk about vote fraud, the intent of these state ID laws, and what a truly honest voter ID law might look like (hint: not like what Texas came up with).

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