PG124: (A Lot) About the GOP Tax Plan, Muller Indictments, Terrorism in NYC, and the Powell Nomination

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In this week’s extended episode Trey and Mike start off by discussing the GOP Tax Plan. They begin by analyzing the content of the plan. As to the policy itself, Trey is optimistic, but worried about the 1.5 trillion debt increase. Mike sees both positive and negative aspects to the bill, but overall sees the plan as problematic.

Then its time to talk Mueller’s indictments. Both see this as the first step to a larger set of indictments and both agree that critics of the president ought to moderate their joy. It is unlikely that this will bring down the Trump presidency.

Next it is a discussion of the Halloween ISIS terrorist attack in NYC. Trey stresses that we shouldn’t allow terrorist groups to wield fear to change us. He argues that while terrorist organizations are good at spreading fear, they aren’t as effective at carrying out plots as the media narrative would suggest.

Finally both Trey and Mike address Trump’s nomination of “Jay” Powell to be the next chair of the Federal Reserve, breaking a recent precedent by former presidents.

Mike’s Recommended Reading:

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Trey’s Recommended Reading:

The Presidents Club by Nancy Gibbs and Michael Duffy

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One thought on “PG124: (A Lot) About the GOP Tax Plan, Muller Indictments, Terrorism in NYC, and the Powell Nomination”

  1. Hello guys I am writing in response to our correspondence on white privilege and racism: I stated that you guys should, as wealthy white men call racism what it is and you two more or less concluded that the Politics Guys podcast is not the forum for such labels and is more of a discussion on policies than the nature of peoples’ motives.

    Thanks for the reply I just want to respond because many things that so said illustrate my point. You say that you are not two wealthy white men: In the context of the planet earth that is exactly what you are. You most likely own property and a car you are therefore most likely in the top 15-20% of people of this planet in terms of wealth. It is important to understand that.
    Also, you state that policies might have a disadvantage to one race but you can’t label them racist. That is a fair point but it also illustrates my point: The reason that you get to ignore the true motives behind these policies is because you are white. That is the privilege of being a wealthy white man. The United states was literally built through the exploitation of racist policies and financial institutions they still pervade every aspect of daily life. You get to ignore or discredit that because of your race others arn’t so lucky.
    For example saying that Pres Obama was not born in the U.S is racist. There is no other way to prove that it is-It just is. That whole Trump reaction to Charlottesvillie fiasco was racist. (Also The history books will record it as such so be careful what you say)

    As a result of our discussions I’ve realized that listening to the Politics Guys isn’t the correct forum for me, I thought it was a nuanced discussion on the debates going on in America but I find that you two it ignore too much of reality to enjoy your podcast. Thanks for all of your hard work, I truly have learned many things from you two and I hope you continue to learn from others is return.

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