PG141: A Line at the White House Exit, Stormy Daniels Sues Trump, and the Student Walkout

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Trey begins by hijacking the show’s opening with an original loop. Jay and Trey then open the show by looking at the big exits from the White House this week including Rex Tillerson and Andrew McCabe. Jay argues that the replacements are capable and Trey worries that the turmoil underlies a deeper problem in management at the White House. Both agree that there is significant turnover.

After that the discussion turns to Stormy Daniels. Jay and Trey deeply disagree over the payoff from the Trump organization to Daniels. Jay calculates, based on past precedent, that Trump having an affair will neither affect his approval nor his reelection chances. Trey believes this might be Trump’s downfall. It is one thing to have an affair, another to clandestinely try to buy off the conversation concerning it.

Finally, Trey and Jay discuss the student walkouts on Wednesday. Both see the reactions from left and right as part of the underlying ideological differences that are separating the two camps. Further, they have slightly different takes on the institutional takeover of the walkout. Finally, they agree that discussions about gun control are separate from feelings on the protest itself.

What Trey’s Reading

Grant by Ron Chernow

What Jay’s Reading

Steven Hawking A Brief History of Time

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3 thoughts on “PG141: A Line at the White House Exit, Stormy Daniels Sues Trump, and the Student Walkout”

  1. Students were being beaten by the state in Arkansas for exercising their 1st Amendment rights during the walk-out day. Libertarians and conservatives set their hair on fire if a campus denies a speaker, but when the state is literally beating children with sticks for speaking, all Jay and Tray can offer is belittling mockery. Their invocation of the civil rights movements is offensive. Conservatives were pro-segregation then, and today conservatives like Jay and Tray just laugh when the modern day civil-rights movement for safe schools is met with direct physical violence from the state.

    1. Good point Kirk,

      “Go to chipotle and go home and play COD” If that is all that you really want in the younger generation, I honestly just feel bad for you. If all you want for the future of America to be young students partaking in active shooter drills, clapping for police officers and eating chipolte, no wonder why you find it to be no biggy that the President of the United States is paying off porn stars.
      Painful episode for Jay as his true colours were truly showing. Alex Jones is always fishing to find guests, why not just take you shut up, play video games, and bow down to police to his show?

  2. Hi Mike, Jay and Trey, I just wanted to share a couple of points about the most recent two episodes.

    Firstly, thank you to Mike for pushing back on Jay’s ugly use of the term ‘Chain Migration’. One of the most dispiriting trends in politics is the use of disingenuous rhetoric to pervert a discussion, even before its merits or otherwise have been debated, and while democrats have their examples too, it is truly disturbing to see the way that republicans over the years have relied upon vile language like ‘Chain Migration’ and ‘Anchor Babies’ and language suggesting that ISIS operatives are somehow smuggling themselves through refugee screenings. In every case it is just a despicable means of using the weaponizing of talking points to dehumanize the subjects of these issues. So it is telling when someone like Jay shows how unwilling they are to use the official terminology (it’s biased!) or seek to find a mutually agreeable objective alternative, because it is the fear-mongering that these terms accomplish, the invasive, predatory images they imply, that is their entire worth. When you cannot be bothered to win an argument on merit, you use fear or anger.

    Secondly, I was revolted top hear Jay chuckling away at how perfunctory and meaningless he thought the protests of students was this past week. My god. The level of patronizing and contempt was astonishing. Dismissing a demonstration of young adults who are actively trying to make themselves heard as ‘they’re just dumb kids who can’t organize anything’, or ‘they’re just all drunk on the rush of feeling powerful and impressing girls when they’ve got a bullhorn in their hands’ was as repulsive as it was asinine.

    It strikes me as fascinating that Jay is a huge fan of the first amendment – at least when it gives the president the privilege of insulting and denigrating anyone he wants, or corporations spewing their financially beneficial opinions into elections – but if young adults, who are currently living their lives in genuine fear of being slaughtered in their schools from day to day, decide to exhibit this dissatisfaction on mass, then they must be getting forced to do it by democratic think tanks, or their just wanting to sneak out of class, or their just hungry for some tacos down at the mall. Anything except that they might have an opinion and a perspective that does not align with the NRA’s paranoid hive mind.

    Jay was wringing his hands about how unjust it is to show disrespect to a person because you might not respect their opinion (my gods, it’s the most hurtful thing you can apparently do to a conservative!), and yet he just insulted an entire group of young people trying to have their voices heard as lazy, smug, entitled showponies. The hypocrisy is telling.

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