PG53: Hillary’s Email, Trump’s Taxes, Transgender Bathrooms, and UFOs

This week, Mike and Jay start by talking about the Democratic presidential race, focusing on Hillary Clinton’s ‘crookedness’ as Donald Trump would almost certainly term it. After that, they look at the Week in Trump, discussing what might be in Donald’s income tax returns and why he won’t release them. Then it’s more on transgender bathrooms, thanks to dueling lawsuits by North Carolina and the federal government along with the Obama administration’s call for all schools receiving federal funds to incorporate transgender bathrooms. Finally, Jay talks about how Hillary Clinton is hoping to capture the all-important UFO enthusiast vote.

2 thoughts on “PG53: Hillary’s Email, Trump’s Taxes, Transgender Bathrooms, and UFOs”

  1. Thank you guys for the show, it is a great source of knowledge and a great way to elucidate my own views and thought.

    I also have a question. Everywhere one looks these days he\she inevitably encounter Trump. This has reached such an extent that Trump had become a phenomenon, and like Marx and “modern” received his very own “ism”: Trumpism. To what extent do you think the media and the backlash against Trump (and the subsequent, unrivaled, media attention) grants impetus to his campaign and popularity? In other words, does saying “Trumpism” creates “Trumpism”? Would Trump really become Trumpism without all the excessive media attention, or would he have remained a mere footnote in future history books?

    Thank you!

    Please continue doing what you’re doing, it has great value!


    1. Thanks for the kind words. I agree with you about the media driving much of the Trump phenomenon. There was a pretty decent article a while ago in the New York Times that took a look at the incredible amount of free media Trump has received compared to the other candidates. Here’s the link, if you’re interested in taking a look at it. – Mike

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