PG69: The Debate, Congress Gets Busy, State of the Race, Nursing Home Rules

Jay’s back this week! He and Mike start off by talking about the first presidential debate. After that, they discuss a fairly busy week for Congress, which included keeping the government from shutting down and overriding an Obama veto, the current state of the presidential race, and new rules governing nursing homes.

2 thoughts on “PG69: The Debate, Congress Gets Busy, State of the Race, Nursing Home Rules”

  1. That was like the “Separate Reality” post debate show, compared to almost every other media outlet that doesn’t call itself FOX news. Like bad boxing announcers, you minimize the house fighter’s mistakes and focus on what they “should do” to win. Having the advantage of almost a whole week to prepare your comments, your analysis seemed to miss the mark by a mile.

    The debate was a consensus clear win for the democrat, and the post debate week of Trump “doubling down on stupid” has been far more damaging to his prospects than even his boorish and somewhat incoherent performance in the debate itself. By many measures, the GOP candidate has endured one of his worst weeks in the campaign, with a month to go before election day. You would never know that by listening to your podcast.

    No big line? You may have missed the Machado thing (“Where did you FIND that? It’s in your book dummy!) that has dominated the news for an entire week? no biggie, right? This may be moment that historians cite when that write about the 2016 campaign. He was outfoxed, outflanked, and blindsided with a body blow that targeted two very important
    So you received “complaints” that the previous show was “too liberal”? You certainly rectified that situation with this installment. You guys have a center/right and a Trump symp right guy on hand.
    There are many, many, many Republicans and Conservatives who are not Trump defenders or sympathizers, and they are both articulate, and available, not to mention credible and sane.

    Ross Douthat? Mike Murphy? If your “liberal” is going to damn the Democrat with faint praise, perhaps your “conservative” shouldn’t be such a staunch defender of the Republican?

    The “liberal”(???) UNDERSTANDS how Trump may be RIGHT about his revisionist history on his Iraq war statements? Simply repeating, “Wrong” at the moderator is not a defense.
    Facts are stubborn things, aren’t they?

    By the way- Clinton voted with the majority of 77 Senators to authorize the President to use HIS judgement on invading Iraq. Biden, Daschle, Edwards, Feinstein, Kerry, Dodd, Schumer, Harkin, ALL voted with the MAJORITY of 29 of 50 Democrats. Clinton never mentions the other prominent Democrats, including the current VP and SoS (Both of whom were Presidential candidates, with Kerry even being the nominee in 2004) who shared in her “bad judgement” as a rationale or excuse for her vote. She is also the only senator whose vote is ever mentioned, as if she and she alone, “authorized” the Iraq war with Bush, Cheney and Rumsfeld. Based on the criticisms of her by the opposition she is the single most powerful Senator and SoS in American history.

    As I believe that the “worm has turned” in this election, it will be interesting to hear how this podcast spins the next 6 weeks.

    1. Hi George,

      I think part of what we were trying to do was to give listeners something other than what they almost certainly heard again and again over the last week in the media. We certainly said that Clinton ‘won’ the debate, but we thought that it might be more interesting and valuable to look as some of the things we focused on.

      I’m sure you know that neither Jay nor I are fans of Donald Trump. In the past, I have been very vocal in denouncing him as an awful person who would make an awful president. That said, I stand by my interpretation of his Iraq comments. It may not be right, but I believe it’s the most reasonable interpretation given the information I have available to me. Finally, while I believe Donald Trump should be justly criticized for many, many things, I also believe it’s important to point out when it’s possible he’s being unfairly or inaccurately criticized. – Mike

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