PG80: Russian Hacking, Questionable Trump Picks, Fed Rate Hike

This week, Mike and Jay start out by talking more about Russian hacking: What we know, how it may have affected the election, Donald Trump’s response, and if the U.S. should retaliate. After that they look at the latest picks in Donald Trump’s administration, particularly the hard-liner he’s chosen as Ambassador to Israel. Finally, it’s an analysis of what the Federal Reserve’s rate hike means, followed by listener mail.

2 thoughts on “PG80: Russian Hacking, Questionable Trump Picks, Fed Rate Hike”

  1. Gentlemen,

    I recently came across your podcast post election in search of information that was non-biased. I have been impressed with the episodes that the both of you produce and find myself looking forward to upcoming podcasts. I enjoy how you try to give both sides of the story with factual information. I feel that most media outlets have an agenda and slant stories one way while making fun of the opposing view. I have found he big difference between your outlet and other news sources is how you both cover the topics, but leave the emotion and name calling aside. It is this name calling and ridicule that has greatly added to our country’s divisiveness.

    Mike, I disagree with some of your views. However, I do appreciate your knowledge and preparation that goes into what you provide. My one suggestion would be to leave the snide comments out of the podcast. For instance, the comment inferring that President-Elect Trump selected Rick Perry because of his time on Dancing with the Stars did not add anything to your argument. I would assume it was said in jest. I don’t listen to your podcast for humor, but instead I have found it to be a place to get the full story where disagreements are won through logical points and not mockery.

    This is the first time I have ever emailed or called a podcast/broadcast with comments. I truly appreciate what both of you do and look forward to many more podcasts that supply the public with factual information allowing us to decipher our standing on important issues.

    Thanks again!

    1. Thanks so much for commenting, John! You’re exactly the sort of person Jay and I hoped to reach with the show – an intelligent person with an interest in politics, probably some pre-existing partisan preferences but – most importantly – an open mind and a willingness to hear out people with whom you might disagree. I think we’ve got some of the best podcast listeners out there, and we’re glad to count you as one of them!

      As for my occasional attempts at humor, well… they sort of bubble up unbidden. Plenty of my student would agree with you that I should stick to the politics, I’m sure. 🙂

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