PG85: Host Swap! Supreme Court Nominee, Immigration Ban, Trump Executive Orders

It’s host-swap week at The Politics Guys! We’ve been big fans of Pantsuit Politics podcast for a while now, because both of us approach politics the same way – with the belief that  we need less partisan yelling and screaming and more thoughtful, reasoned discussion between liberals and conservatives. And so, when the opportunity arose to talk politics with each other, we jumped at it. On our show, Mike welcomes Pantsuit Politics co-host Beth, while over at Pantsuit Politics Jay talks with Pantsuit Politics’ Sarah.

Mike and Beth get into President Trump’s nomination of Neil Gorsuch to the Supreme Court, the latest on the immigration ban, the Senate’s confirmation of Rex Tillerson as Secretary of State as well as the upcoming battle over Betsy DeVoss to be the next Secretary of Education, and lots more.

If you’d like to keep up with Pantsuit Politics (which we highly recommend), here’s where you can find them:

– Website:
– Twitter: @pantsuitpolitic
– Facebook: @pantsuitpolitics

4 thoughts on “PG85: Host Swap! Supreme Court Nominee, Immigration Ban, Trump Executive Orders”

  1. I really enjoy the fact that your podcasts and newsletters give us different viewpoints. It was especially interesting for me to hear from a conservative woman, Beth Silvers of Pantsuit Politics. I’ve started getting your newsletter, and I appreciate that you’ve added a woman’s voice to the mix. However, she covers one side of things, and while important, she doesn’t represent women voters as a whole any more than Jay or Michael alone represent both conservatives and liberals. Do you think you could get Beth or someone similar to also contribute to your newsletter?

    1. Hi Anne – thanks for commenting! I’m always working to get a diverse mix of opinions into the newsletter. Between Zach’s semi-regular far-left view, Leah’s ‘left of me’ thoughts, my center-leftism, Trey’s center-rightism, and Joe’s Trump-centric approach, I like to think we cover a lot without the newsletter becoming too long. Were you thinking that a conservative woman in particular would be a good addition? – Mike

      1. You do have a good group of people! But while I support women’s rights, equal pay, legal abortion, and plenty of other things Leah shows a concern for, I think too much of that starts to sound whiny. Maybe it’s because I’m older (65 this year), but I’ve managed pretty well, and I’d just like to hear from some smart women who don’t feel like every man needs to understand the perils of feminism.

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