PG87: Chaos Cabinet, ‘Unhinged’ Press Conferences, Russia Connections?

This week, Mike and Jay begin with a look at the resignation of National Security Advisor Michael Flynn and what it tells us about the Trump administration’s national security savvy. Next, they discuss President Trump’s press conference, which many on the left saw as ‘unhinged’ while many on the right believed it to be a masterful performance that the mainstream media simply didn’t get. Next is the week in Senate confirmations, featuring the withdrawal of Andrew Puzder as Labor Secretary and the confirmation of Scott Pruitt at the EPA. Finally, the Guys look at new revelations and current investigations into potential links between the Trump administration and Russia.

2 thoughts on “PG87: Chaos Cabinet, ‘Unhinged’ Press Conferences, Russia Connections?”

  1. Not sure if you’re being hyperbolic just to be during some of your segments, but NPR was talking about how Trump’s press conference, while yes combative to the media, did answer unfiltered questions. Their segment on their podcast was explaining in his words, his answers based on questions from the media. Not sure if you’re framing this, because your listeners tend to be getting their sources from partisan outlets, but NPR always has a neutral with slightly left leaning. That’s where I get my news throughout the week hearing from this, and their podcast for a round up. While their corespondents are neutral, I’m trying to see where Jay comes from where Micheal is more qualified to be talking about these matters.

    1. Hi Chris – thanks for commenting. I also listen to NPR a lot, and their politics podcast is something I check out frequently. And while I generally agree with their views, I also think they’re more than slightly left. That’s why Jay and I started The Politics Guys and why I think he’s such a critical part of the show. He regularly pushes back against the things I say, and while I don’t necessarily agree with him, my respect for his intelligence, honesty, and love of country makes me far more careful and thorough in my own views. That, to me (and to Jay) is hugely important. I’d like to think that it’s what makes us the sort of podcast that’s worth listening to. (Though *of course* I feel that I’m more qualified than Jay is 🙂 ) – Mike

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