Sanders Out, Wisconsin Votes, Trump Removes Michael Atkinson and Glenn Fine

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Trey and Ken open the show discussing the suspension of Sanders’ campaign. The pair talk about what it means for democratic socialism and the Democratic Party more widely. Trey sees this as the broader failure of ideologies of class and Ken sees it as the beginning of a potential turn for democratic socialism.

Next, in a bit of disagreement, Trey and Ken spar over the Supreme Court’s ruling concerning the Wisconsin primary. While both agree that the fault primarily lies with the state, they disagree over what role the Supreme Court should have played. They also disagree with over the power states should have to conduct their elections without interference, even when there is partisan influence.

Finally, the pair close talking about the removal of Michael Atkinson and Glenn Fine. The two agree that the removals are wrong, but Trey specifically worries that it is the continued sign of congressional deference to Presidential power in times of crisis.

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