Shutdown Avoided, Apple Lawsuit, OH Senate Primary and Trumpism

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Mike and Jay open with a discussion of bipartisan agreement on a budget that averted a partial government shutdown. Jay thinks it’s good politics, emphasizing once again that Republicans don’t win government shutdowns, and pointing out that Speaker Johnson has a tiny majority to work with. Mike notes that Republicans got a number of things they should like, though he expects that we’ll be in a similar place in just over six months, when the deadline for passing next year’s budget comes up.

Next, they discuss the lawsuit against Apple filed by the Department of Justice and 15 states. Neither Mike nor Jay thinks the government has a particularly strong case, but Mike argues that government pressure on big companies like Apple can serve as a useful check on corporate power.

They close with what starts as a discussion of the Ohio Republican Senate primary, and ends up as a much broader discussion of Donald Trump, the Republican Party, and the media.

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