Shutdown & Border Security, The New Congress, 2020 Presidential Field

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Mike and Jay open with a look at the ongoing government shutdown due to the impasse over border wall funding. The Guys actually agree as to their preferred solution – a package that includes funds for border security and comprehensive immigration reform. Neither Mike nor Jay sees this as coming to a quick and happy ending given the forces on both sides pushing against any compromise.

Next is a discussion of the 116th Congress, focusing on the new Democratic House majority. Mike comments on record number of women, noting that around 90 percent of them are Democrats. He believes that a more female Congress is a good thing, a view Jay doesn’t entirely share.

After that, the Guys discuss Elizabeth Warren’s announcement of her presidential candidacy and look at the other top contenders. They also discuss whether or not Mitt Romney, or any other establishment Republican, is likely to challenge Donald Trump for the GOP presidential nomination.

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