Sunday Spillover

Last Sunday’s show was jam-packed, and there were plenty of things Mike and Jay wanted to talk about that they couldn’t get to (at least, not without making the show way too long). In this show, they focus on some of those things: What Donald Trump has to prove and how it might affect his presidency, the possibility that we’re wrong about Donald Trump, the under-appreciated value of humility in a leader, how Mike is trying to expand his media bubble, and their thoughts on the cast of ‘Hamilton’ giving VP-Elect Mike Pence a message at the end of a performance.

2 thoughts on “Sunday Spillover”

  1. Hi Guys – This is the first one of your podcasts that I’ve listened to. So far, so good. However, I’d like to put forth a thought regarding Hamilton. Boiled down, I think your point was “wrong place, wrong time” and liberals do this more than conservatives. What I think you need to take into account is that we have President Elect who delivers his thoughts via YouTube. He doesn’t have press conferences. He hates the press. All of this leads to a one way dialogue. When is the right time? Where is the right place to make liberal feelings hear in a polite manner? Certainly not at a press conference. Sure we send post cards and emails to our representative (and leave messages). I’m stuck in NC. I don’t believe for a New York minute that Burr or Tillis or the NC legislature cares about my views. The cast of Hamilton saw their shot and they took it!

    1. Thanks for commenting! I think you make a reasonable point, and it’s fair to ask what venues are appropriate or inappropriate, especially when so many people have such strong feelings about a President-Elect who ran a brutal campaign.

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