Trump’s Eligibility and Immunity, Migrant Caravan, Trade Policy

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Mike and Jay open the episode with a look at multiple state decisions concerning whether or not Donald Trump is eligible to appear on the GOP primary ballot. They consider the 14th Amendment’s Insurrection Clause and whether the elements apply to Trump, the authority of state officials to rule on this, and how (or even if) they believe the Supreme Court will rule on the issue.

Following that is a discussion of immigration policy as another large migrant caravan makes its way to the United States. Jay argues that our immigration system is broken and Mike agrees, though he pushes back on Jay’s claim that we have essentially open borders. They discuss what sort of compromise is possible and who may be standing in the way of action on immigration.

Then it’s back to Trump, considering the Supreme Court’s decision to not take up his presidential immunity claim before the D.C. Circuit has a chance to rule. They both see this as the correct decision and a positive development for Trump, even though it’s unlikely he’ll avoid a jury verdict before January of 2025.

They close with what a second Trump term might mean for trade, a prospect both Mike and Jay find deeply troubling.

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