Tyler Cowen’s Love Letter to Big Business

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Mike welcomes George Mason University economist Tyler Cowen back to the show to discuss his latest book, Big Business: A Love Letter to an American Anti-Hero. As you may know, Tyler is a very busy guy – in addition to his academic position, he runs the Marginal Revolution blog  and Conversations with Tyler podcast. He’s also regular contributor at Bloomberg Opinion and has written multiple books, including two Mike previously spoke with him about on the show: Stubborn Attachments and The Complacent Class.

Topics Mike & Tyler discuss include:

  • fraud in the business world
  • if big business is more honest than people in non-business settings
  • why top CEos may actually be underpaid
  • work vs leisure
  • monopolies, with a focus on Facebook, Google, and Amazon
  • problems with the finance industry
  • crony capitalism
  • how much political influence big business really has
  • why we personalize big business, and why we shouldn’t

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