Ukraine, Hunter & Joe Biden, Impeachment, Bernie’s Heart, Warren’s Rise

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This week, Mike and Kristin unpack the current hot topic of Ukraine/Trump/Biden and impeachment inquiries. Mike kicks things off with a detailed list of the facts. Both note that it’s far too easy to tread into conjecture and opinion, which is why the conversation gets muddled. 

Mike and Kristin then dive into each of the points, discussing recent subpoenas and text messages, whether Trump’s actions were politically motivated and/or definitively corrupt, Trump calling on Chinese government officials to investigate Biden’s alleged corruption, America’s long history of putting pressure on Ukrainian officials to investigate and end corruption, Rudy Giuliani’s role in the matter, and how Hunter and Joe Biden play into all of this. Mike and Kristin each try to see things from the other’s perspective, and both admit that bias is causing significant divide. 

Mike says that he has a hard time not seeing clear corruption, while Kristin says that she has difficulty seeing this as different from anything else Democrats have done. Both agree that investigating facts is important, and Kristin mentions that she felt the same way during the Mueller Investigation and will keep an open mind, but she will need evidence of quid pro quo in order to render a decision. They both predict that impeachment will move through the House and stall in the Senate with a successful Motion to Dismiss. 

Next, Mike and Kristin tackle Democratic campaign updates. From Bernie Sanders’s heart attack, timing, and 3rd quarter fundraising reports, some candidates are emerging as winners or losers. Mike and Kristin discuss Biden’s dip in popularity and fundraising issues. Mike says that he feels Biden is the candidate who has the experience and approach necessary to be a successful President. Kristin mentions that energy and personality need to be considered, and that the Democrats may be sacrificing Biden for impeachment headlines. 

Mike also notes that things may start to “thin out” after the next Democratic debate on October 15th – both will wait to see what happens in the aftermath.

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One thought on “Ukraine, Hunter & Joe Biden, Impeachment, Bernie’s Heart, Warren’s Rise”

  1. 1. I am always amazed at the amorality of the Trump supporters. Notice I didn’t say all Republicans. I can just see the encounter with St. Peter at the Pearly Gates.

    St. Pete: God gave the USA founders a system to allow the most freedom for the many to rule themselves. The founders devised a system that had checks and balances to prevent corruption and autocrats. You allowed Trump to abuse and corrupt the system for his personal benefit. You allowed Trump to coarsen and degrade the country when you could have stopped him.

    Trump supporter: But the judges…… But the economy……

    St. Pete: Really? You’d give away what God gave the USA for your short-term goals? What about simple right and wrong? What about the 10 commandments?

    2. Kristin expressed incredulity about why the Democrats would seek impeachment when they recognize it might hurt them in the next election. This is about simply recognizing right and wrong and being willing to accept negative consequences for acting in a moral manner.

    3. Please, don’t equate most Democrats with the squad. The Republicans are pushing that viewpoint to smear the Democratic Party. The squad is just one rather small part of the party who get an out sized amount of attention that the Republican party and right oriented media push.

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