Values, Cancel Culture, and The Politics Guys; COVID Vaccines; Immigration

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Today, on a very special Politics Guys,  Mike and Jay talk cancel culture, shared values, and why they started the show. Listen with the whole family. Then its the COVID update, and when is it OK for a political appointee to challenge “The Science”?  And the immigration mess — the Senate Parliamentarian reaches the conclusion that overhauling immigration policy is a policy change, and down in the west Texas town of Del Rio, 30,000 Haitian immigrants don’t have to go home, but they can’t stay here (or can they?)

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4 thoughts on “Values, Cancel Culture, and The Politics Guys; COVID Vaccines; Immigration”

  1. Today in Brisbane Australia, I was listening to the ‘cancel culture’ podcast on Spotify and as usual I’m impressed with the open discussion and debate on the topic, whilst at the same time disappointed to hear that the hosts receive some very unwarranted and unwanted comments through various social media channels.

    I do however have some feedback on the ‘voter fraud’ messages being delivered by the GOP and Donald Trump. My view is that these messages will continue to be relayed through various media channels, they know its a lie, but it is purely delivered to raise money from their supporters. My concerns for the GOP are that this funding may not be used in the most effective way for the GOP moving forward and in some case could be very detrimental to their case. In some cases these donors may actually have a case of fraud against the 2024 Trump or GOP campaign as the money was taken under false pretences. Id be interested in your views on this

    Enjoy team and stay safe.

    1. It’s always great to hear from our listeners outside of the US, because I think you can bring a different and often very helpful perspective to things. You raise an interesting point about fraud, but my initial take on that is that there’s generally enough “small print” in those fundraising appeals to give the fundraisers legal cover if the money doesn’t go where donors thought it would be going. – Mike

  2. Mike, I appreciate what you do and I think it’s obvious that you are a compassionate and empathetic person. That said, I think Jay (who obviously needs more love from your audience – which I can only assume is primarily comprised of young, well-off progressives) throttled you in the immigration topic in this episode. I think he was spot-on in recognizing a modicum of naivete in your empathy-fueled call for more immigration.

    That said, you and Jay are my favorite hosts on the show. I think the discussions are more fun when it’s you two and I even love it when you make me want to pull my hair out, or when Jay doesn’t stomp a chance to bury the liberal argument because he is too nice of a guy. So…

    Thanks and cheers to you guys!

    1. Thanks – and sorry for the delay in approving your comment (it’s been a crazy week). – Mike

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