Where’s Austin?, Israel and Genocide, Hunter Biden, Trump’s Statement

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Trey and Ken open the show by outlining the strange disappearance of U.S. Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin. Both Trey and Ken agree that deep mistakes were made by Austin, but Trey thinks Biden should have noted publicly that it was a mistake. Ken thinks that Republicans have created an environment where Democrats cannot apologize.

Next is a discussion of both the Federal District Court Case against President Biden for failing to prevent genocide in Gaza and the ICJ case from South Africa accusing Israel of genocide. Ken argues that the legal definition of genocide has not been met by any stretch. Trey argues that the American left may not have an ethic of a just war anymore and that, as a result, many of Democrats are wrongly critical of Israel.

Then they turn to Hunter Biden’s appearance at the House Oversight Committee before pleading not guilty to three felonies and six misdemeanors. Trey saw the whole thing as a made-for-TV moment, but one that will ultimately hurt President Biden. Especially because he thinks it is likely Hunter will be found guilty on a few of the charges. Ken thinks it is the right move for Hunter and is less convinced of guilty charges.

They end the show discussing the strange closing arguments for Trump in civil court. They also make conflicting predictions. Trey believes that the Court couldn’t behave in a normal manner with Trump and therefore that there will be no lasting rulings against him, Ken continues to believe he will be held accountable.

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