1/6 Hearings, Kavanaugh Threat, Guns, Summit of the Americas, Formula Shortage, Gas Prices

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Mike & Jay kick off the show with a discussion of the first of a scheduled six hearings from the House January 6th Committee. They share their views on the value of the hearings, what if anything they learned, whether Fox News was right to not carry the hearings live, and more.

Then it’s a look at the man who came to Justice Brett Kavanaugh’s home, armed & dangerous and intending to kill Kavanaugh. Mike and Jay consider this in light of larger protests following the leak of Justice Alito’s opinion draft that would overturn Roe v Wade, a decline in trust of government, and issues with judicial filibusters and the nomination process.

After that they return to the issue of guns, talking about Matthew McConaughey’s impassioned speech at the White House, recent legislation passed by the House to address mass shootings, as well as a Justice Department investigation into the Uvalde response.

Following that is a discussion of the Summit of the Americas, being held this year in Los Angeles. Mike & Jay agree that President Biden was right to not invite Latin American anti-democratic leaders, but they disagree about how best to address some of the key issues between the US and Latin American countries.

They close the show with discussions of the baby formula shortage and what it tells us about government as well as markets, as well as sky high gas prices and what, if anything, government can (or should) do about them.

Mike’s Recommendation
Don Winslow’s ‘Power of the Dog’ Trilogy: The Power of the Dog, The Cartel, The Border

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