Howard Blum & The Spy Who Knew Too Much

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Ken breaks out his extensive Cold War spy knowledge in this conversation with journalist and New York Times best-selling author Howard Blum. They discuss his recently released book, The Spy Who Knew Too Much: An Ex-CIA Officer’s Quest Through a Legacy of Betrayal. Formerly a reporter for the The Village Voice and the New York Times, Blum is a contributing editor at Vanity Fair. While at the Times, he was twice nominated for a Pulitzer Prize for investigative reporting.

Topics Ken and Howard cover include:
– the uses of intelligence
– moles, traitors, spies
– big moles vs little moles
– the war within the CIA
– Angleton, Golitsyn, and the “Monster Plot”
– the suspicious “suicide” of CIA agent John Paisley
– human vs signal intelligence
– if human intelligence really matters
– spying in the US/ Russia / Ukraine conflict
– and lots more!

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